Partnering Universities with A Breeze of Hope


Hope Ambassadors exists to develop a team of advocates who can use their pre-existing platforms to promote equality, raise awareness for the global epidemic of sexual violence, and encourage survivors to break the silence. 


A Breeze of Hope Foundation supports Hope Ambassadors to use their respective platforms to encourage volunteerism, host fundraisers, and expand our network to help survivors all around the world. 





Hope Ambassador Focus



Raise awareness about the magnitude and severity of the issue of sexual violence against children and the innovative work that A Breeze of Hope does to combat it internationally

Develop partnerships with campus clubs, businesses, individuals, organizations, academic departments, abroad programs, etc. that are interested in connecting with A Breeze of Hope

Campaign fundraisers to support survivors of sexual violence and to send volunteers to Bolivia

Encourage students to apply for one of our annual International Service Learning Experience trips to Bolivia so they can physically engage in the activism and volunteerism that they have supported through the academic year.

*We provide a significant discount to Hope Ambassadors who are interested in traveling to Bolivia.

A Breeze of Hope Club


Hope Ambassadors university chapters are student-lead and student-designed in order to encourage our Ambassadors to develop leadership skills and advocacy. A Breeze of Hope will support Hope Ambassadors and A Breeze of Hope club members, providing them with information, ideas, and different opportunities that are available to them.



Trip to Bolivia with the club


Hold campaigns on campus that educate people about sexual abuse domestically and globally


Design fundraising events that support children survivors of sexual violence

Hope Ambassadors may apply on their own, or be personally nominated by our CEO and Founder Brisa De Angulo. 


*Hope Ambassadors travel to Bolivia for a $500 discount if they bring five people on the trip.

A Breeze of Hope


If you or someone you know needs help, please call the Rape Abuse and Incest Network at                                   . You are not alone.​

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the Rape Abuse and Incest Network at                                     . You are not alone.​