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Join us in Bolivia for one of our upcoming service projects and be part of this amazing work against sexual violence!  To apply for A Breeze of Hope's service learning trip to Bolivia, please click below to download an application.


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Thank you for dreaming for a brighter future!


Please, follow the instructions in the application and send your completed application. These applications can be mailed to our mailing address, or emailed to Brisa De Angulo at brisadeangulo@abreezeofhope.org
P.O. BOX 148
Essington, PA 19029




For any questions or more information about A Breeze of Hope's service learning trip, please fill out the form below.



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Since 2004, A Breeze of Hope has taken volunteers to Bolivia


to help improve the quality of life of local communities and provide volunteers with a life-changing, culturally immersive experience.​ 


Applications are open to participants of all ages and are due by November 15th.


(Applicants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.) Our trips are available on a first come first serve basis, so available slots fill-up quick. We recommend that you register as soon as possible.




Upcoming Trips to Bolivia:

Dec 28 - January 11


In this trip you will spend 2 days in the Andean mountains doing home visits and helping families; 3 days in La Paz visiting the Inca ruins, and the rest of the days helping in a clinic, a school, and the center for children who have been sexually abused. Some of the activities will include doing basic construction! 

May 15 - May  29


This trip is focused on spending time in the school, rural communities, Helping with children with disabilities in the Andean mountains, helping in the clinic, working with children who have been sexually abused. 

June 2 - June 12


This trip is focused on a specific training that will happen from June 4 - 7. After this we will take a 3 day trip to La Paz to see the Inca ruins, see the islands and spend time at Lake Titicaca.

July 28 - August 11


This trip is focused on preparing the walk against sexual violence. Most of the time will be spent with the girls from CUBE (our center in Cochabamba) where you will be able to work with them in their daily activities.  You will be able to work a little with our school, and will have the opportunity to travel to the Andean Mountains and to the Bolivian Rain Forest.


"On a side-panel on the service learning page, put this testimonial "​My experience with A Breeze of Hope changed my life. Trauma and compassion has a universal language. I spoke no Spanish but my heart was held by every person I met. I experienced immense healing from my own childhood and high school experience with sexual violence and it all came through this love so deeply determined to survive it's will surpassed language barriers. I wept, I wrote, I worked, I ate, I slept, and for the first time in my life I slowly began to feel the ground beneath me again.


Not only did I heal but I learned. I learned how to be humble, how to be uncomfortable and watch beauty blossom from that. My days there were full. Even the hard ones. I credit this trip to the beginning of my choice to pursue healing and it radically changed my approach to advocacy. I left empowered and overwhelmed by the resilient lives in Bolivia. I've never heard laughter so loud, tasted fruit so sweet, seen mountains so awesome, or met people so kind. The act of touch was redeemed for me, silence and stillness gained meaning outside of fear, and this trip gave me one of my best friends. This trip has the capacity to shape you whether or not you are a survivor of sexual violence."


- MJ Smith | Summer 2016

A Breeze of Hope


If you or someone you know needs help, please call the Rape Abuse and Incest Network at                                   . You are not alone.​

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the Rape Abuse and Incest Network at                                     . You are not alone.​