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Won’t you join us in the fight to end child and adolescent sexual abuse?

  1. A Breeze of Hope needs funding to pay the salaries of its passionate and dedicated staff members. Currently A Breeze of Hope has 4 staff members, 3 full time and 1 part time, who relentlesly work to bring awarness in diferent countries, conduct research, and engage in extensive networking and coalition building activities. They also work to ensure that the projects in Bolivia recieve what they need to continue providing high quality services great work. Help us to continue our important work!
  2. We need funds to contract an additional team for CUBE (a psychologist, a social worker, and a lawyer). Currently, CUBE has a staff of 7 full time and 5 part time professionals and 12 volunteers. These individuals dedicate their lives not only to handling our 1,000 active cases, but also to creating social awareness of the problem in schools, universities, and in the government.

    The salaries of the staff and the center’s activities depend completely on donations. Any donation or grant will help to keep CUBE alive.
  3. We need funding to purchase a permanent location for CUBE. CUBE currently occupies a rented building and must move regularly because of fluctuating rent costs. These constant moves are an additional, unnecessary strain on the children. Help us to provide CUBE with a permanent location so that the children and adolescents can receive the services they need in a confortable stable space.

    To continue offering comprehensive assistance to the children and adolescents, conducting research, and raising awareness, CUBE needs a stable home.
  4. We need funding to contract two more teachers for CEV. CEV’s growing student population requires additional teacher to maintain a high quality educational experience and effective student-teacher ratios.
  5. We need fudning to construct two additional classrooms for CEV to provide services to infants and toddlers.

Other Needs

A Breeze of Hope

  • Volunteers (e.g. for training, operation activities, marketing, fundrasing, etc.)
  • Advocates – people who are experienced in this field to share information and ideas with us.
  • Connections and Networking – we need contacts of people and isntitutions that are interested in learning about and supporting our efforts (e.g. NGO’s, state offices, churches, media centers, universities, etc.)
  • Office supplies – (printer/coppy machine, fax machine, paper, envelopes, etc.)
  • Funds for general operations expenses
  • Marketing volunteers and resources
  • Word of mouth promotion


  • Volunteers (e.g. to provide services in Bolivia, to create short videosu about our work for presentations to others, writing articles about what we do, providing needed information, doing research, etc.)
  • Marketing support to beeter publicise CUBE’s work.
  • Office supplies (e.g high quality commercial printer, high quality commercial coppy machine, 4 new desktop computers, 5 legal size filing cabinets)
  • Art therapy supplies (e.g. yarn, crayons, markers, etc.)
  • Alternative therapy supplies (musical instruments, art supplies, water colors, etc.)
  • Advocates – people who are experienced in this field to share information and ideas with us.


  • Volunteers (e.g. teaching assistants, tutoring, etc.)
  • Computers
  • Playground equipment
  • Funding to pring educational materials
  • School supplies (penscils, scissors, crayons, etc.)

Monthly Giving Options

Monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream for a Breeze of Hope. You can make a real impact in the life of a child for a little as US$10/month.

How Your Gifts can help:

Any monetary donation helps. Even $1.00 will A Breeze of Hope to continue giving training to professionals, schools, parents, and society as a whole on the topic of child sexual abuse.


  • $5/month will provide art supplies to a child in CUBE
  • $20/month will provide an abused child receive free legal services;
  • $60/month will provide an abused child with free legal, psychological, and social services;
  • $600/month will cover the salary of a psychologist, lawyer, or social worker who will provide free services to 30 new abuse victims and 30-50 open cases;
  • $1600/month will fund an entire team: a psychologist, social worker, and lawyer to provide free legal, social, and psychological services to 30 new cases and 40-50 existing cases.


  • $10/month will provide a child with school supplies
  • $17 per month will provide a child with education
  • $334/ will cover the salary of a teacher in CEV who will provide education to 20-30 children.

Mail your tax-deductible donation to:

A Breeze of Hope Foundation
10 Scarlet Oak drive
Haverford Pa 19041

Please be sure to include your name, full street address, phone number, email address, and the amount of your donation. Checks can be made payable to: A Breeze of Hope Foundation.